Luggage storage at Grodno Railway Station

Publish date: 18-08-2022
Luggage storage at Grodno Railway Station

There are both manual and automatic left-luggage storage at Grodno Railway Station.

The storage room

The stationary storage room can be found by the signs on the street (near to the exit to the platforms):


Luggage storage in a stationary luggage room for one calendar day (for each item) will cost 1 rub. 15 kop.

Working hours


6:30 - 20:40


9:20 - 10:15
13:25 - 14:40
18:55 - 19:10

Automatic luggage storage

You can find an automatic luggage storage by following the signs on the board (1st floor):


One automatic locker for one calendar day  will cost 1 rub. 80 kop. (per cell)

How to use automatic locker

First you need to pay for a storage at the ticket office number 11 (and get a magnetic card).

Then put your belongings in a free cell, click on its number on the monitor, then attach a magnetic card to the reader. Then close the cell's door. Cell color on the display should change from green to blue.

To remove things, select your cell number on the display, then attach a magnetic card, the door will open. If you have stored things for more than a day, then before opening the cell you  need to pay the price difference in ticket office number 11. The maximum storage period is 7 days.

There are not very many automatic luggage lockers, all free ones can be seen on the screen nearby (marked with green color):

How to get there

On the map:

Public transport

Stop "Зоопарк (Zoopark)":

  • Buses: 2, 5, 10, 14, 16, 18, 19
  • Minibuses: 2тк, 3тк, 17тк, 18тк, 36тк

There is also stationary luggage storage at the Grodno bus station:

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