Minnewater lake and park in Bruges

Publish date: 27-11-2019
Minnewater lake and park in Bruges

Minnewater park and lake are located in the south of Bruges, very close to the train station.

Minnewater Park is located on the shores of the lake. The lake arose on this site around the 13th century and is presumably of man-made origin. The lake was used as a kind of reservoir, it helped to prevent flooding after the thaw or long rains. Often this lake is called the Lake of Love. One legend is associated with this water.

The Legend: a long time ago, an old sailor lived in Bruges with his daughter, whose name was Minna. The sailor felt that he did not have long to live and tried to find his daughter a worthy groom. The father's choice fell on a young man named Hornek, who sometimes came to visit them. But Minna was already in love with Stromberg, a young warrior from a neighboring tribe. Minna hid her feelings from her father, knowing his dislike of a neighboring tribe. Once the Romans came to conquer the local lands and all the tribes, including the beloved Minna Stromberg, came to the defense of their lands. The girl before leaving Stromberg swore to him in love and fidelity. The girl's father began to insist on the marriage of Milla and Hornek. For some time, girl managed to postpone the wedding until her father's patience broke and he did not set a date for the wedding. On the evening before the wedding, Minna went to the forest without aim to return. Some time later, the Roman offensive ended and Stromberg returned. When he heard that Minna was gone, he began her search. Finally he found Minna, hidden in dense bushes, on the banks of a wide stream. But the irreversible happened - Minna became exhausted from a long walk and died in the arms of Stromberg. According to one version of the origin of the name of this place, after the events described in this legend, the park and lake were named after Minna (Minnewater = Minne + water, Minna + water).

There is a sign that if you cross the bridge in the park and kiss your beloved, then your love will become eternal.

This park hosts many festivals throughout the year. The area surrounding the park has many attractive buildings and monuments.

On the shore of the lake is the castle Faille (Kasteel della Faille). This neo-Gothic castle was built in 1893 by the architect Karel de Wulf. Now the castle building is used as a restaurant.

How to get to the park

The park can be reached on foot from the railway station of Bruges (regional trains from other cities stop there and many city buses stop near the station).

Bus number 12 stops closer to the park.


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