Atomium in Brussels

Publish date: 14-01-2020
Atomium in Brussels

Atomium is one of the main attractions in Brussels and it is a symbol of this city.

The monument was built for the 1958 World's Fair (Expo 58). Atomium symbolizes the atomic age and the peaceful use of the atom in our time. The building was designed by architect André Waterkeyn, and the construction was led by architects Andre and Jean Polak.

The structure height is 102 meters. Monument contains 9 large balls, each ball diameter  is 18 m. This balls are interconnected in such a way that they exactly repeat the structure of the crystal lattice of iron, increased by 165 billion times. Balls are connected with 20 pipes (each pipe is 23 meters long and 3 meters in diameter). There is an elevator in the central tube, which can lift visitors to the very top of the monument in 25 seconds. On the top of the monument you can find a restaurant. Six out of 9 balls are open for visitors.

How to get to the Atomium

Exact address: Place de l'Atomium, B-1020 Brussels.

  • Atomium is located in the northern part of Brussels, a 5-minute walk from the Heysel / Heizel Underground Station (line 6).
  • Tram: 7 (Heysel / Heizel)
  • Buses: 84, 88 (Heysel / Heizel)

GPS coordinates: N 50 ° 53'41.47 "- E 4 ° 20'29.48"

Atomium opening times

  • Every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (ticket offices close at 5.30 p.m.).
  • December 24 and 31 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (ticket offices close at 15.15).
  • December 25, January 1 from 12.00 to 18.00 (ticket offices close at 17.30).

Ticket prices

Ticket to Atomium allows you to:

  • visit the entire Atomium, including permanent and temporary exposition and panorama. .
  • visit the ADAM - Brussels Design Museum, including a permanent and temporary exhibition.

Prices for individual tickets:

  • Senior [≥65]: €13 
  • Adult [18-64]: €15 
  • Teenager [>115cm-17]: €8  
  • Child [≤115cm]: €0 
  • Student [with card]: €8 
  • Person with a disability: €8 
  • PRM: €0 
  • Coach driver: €0 

After January 27th 2020 fares will be slightly more expensive: 

  • Senior [≥65]: €14
  • Adult [18-64]: €16
  • Teenager [>115cm-17]: €8,50
  • Student [with card]:  €8,50
  • Person with a disability:  €8,50

There are also group tickets (for groups of 20 people or more) and combo tickets with a visit to the Mini-Europe park, the Océade water park or the planetarium.

Check the latest information on the official website.


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