Luggage storage at Brussels-midi railway station

Publish date: 22-03-2019
Luggage storage at Brussels-midi railway station

Brussels South Station (Bruxelles-midi / Brussel zuid) has automatic and manual luggage storage.

Since the station is quite large and easy to get lost there, picture below shows the specific location where the storage room is located:

Red cross - the exact location of the luggage at the Brussels train stationRed cross - the exact location of the luggage at the Brussels train station

Automatic luggage storage


  • Small locker- 4.5 €
  • Medium size locker- 5 €
  • Large locker- 5.5 €

Working hours

  • 00-24h


1) Choose your language before closing the door of this locker 
2) The prices of the lockers are different following the size of the chosen locker  
3) Place the luggage into the locker 
4) Please pay attention to the belts of the luggage. This could prevent the opening of the door. 
5) When closing the door, there may be no pressure or the luggage. This could prevent the opening of the door. 
6) Close the door softly by exercising a pressure during some seconds on the door. 
7) The number of the closed door and the price will appear on the screen. 
8) Before payment; check if you have placed your luggage in the locker mentioned on the screen. If not, press cancel. 
9) Accepted coins: 2, 1, 0.50, 0.20, 0.10 €
10) You have 30 seconds to pay the exact amount for a deposit of 24 hours. Does not return any money. 
11) Without payment the door will open automatically. 
12) This is a starting amount. The locker will not open itself when term of ease has expired. Supplementary amount to be paid when collecting the luggage. 
13) After payment, a ticket will be delivered. 
14) Keep the ticket carefully for the opening of the locker. 
15) When loosing the ticket, please turn to the department “Luggage". A penalty of 12, 50€ has to be paid.


Please do not preserve any perishable food in the lockers.

In case of problems please turn to the department “Luggage".


1) Consult your ticket, the numbers of the column and the locker are indicated 
2) The number of the column is mentioned on the left (1 to 36) and the number of the locker is mentioned on the right of the ticket, 
3) Present you ticket horizontally to the barcode reader (red light) which can be found above the return slot. 
4) When the limit of rent of 24 hours has been exceeded a complementary amount must be paid.


The user is fully responsible for the objects placed in the lockers, The Railways does not ensures the surveillance of the objects and rejects all responsibilities in case of loss, theft or damages. The maximum deposit time 168 hours. After that period the luggage will be removed from the locker and shall be collected at the department “Luggage" provided a payment of 6x the rent of the locker + the amount applicable by the department "Manual Luggage" per day and per luggage.


There is also a manual luggage room at the station, unfortunately we do not have information about prices and opening hours.

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