Plitvice Lakes - where to stay

Publish date: 18-05-2020
Plitvice Lakes - where to stay

Plitvice Lakes is a fairly large and beautiful park. At least one day should be allocated for the visit, and many people will want to stay and spend several days in it.

Another common option is to come in the evening, spend the night, and in the early morning go for a walk in the park.

In any case, you need to choose the right accommodation. 

If you arrived by bus, it will be important to choose a hotel that will be located near the entrance you need (there are 2 entrances, so you need to make a  route planning first).

If you have a car, then the possibilities for accommodation options are increasing. Prices per night will be cheaper if accomodation will be far away from main entrances. Hotels or rental homes in Plitvica Selo, Jezerce, Poljanak and other villages nearby are good options.

Booking is one of the most popular platforms for finding accommodation, here you can find options for every taste and budget:


Hotellook - where to stay near Plitvice Lakes

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