Beaches in Sibenik

Publish date: 12-07-2019

Banj City Beach in Sibenik

Banj city beach is the only public beach in Sibenik, which is located in the city center. Water on the beach is clean. Coast is small-pebbled (typical for Croatian beaches).

There is a beautiful city view:

There is a dressing room:

Free toilet is located in the restaurant building:

Also there is a shower:


In general, the beach leaves a pleasant impression, if there is no time or the opportunity to travel somewhere far away - this option may be useful.

Location of Banj Beach

The beach is in the city, you can easily walk from the center of Sibenik (walk from the Cathedral of St. James takes 15-20 minutes).

Other beaches of Sibenik

The map below shows the other beaches of Sibenik:

  • 1 - Solaris beach (Solaris)
  • 2 - Jadrija Beach
  • 3 - Rezalište beach
  • 4 - Žaborić beach
  • 5 - Banj beach 

Solaris Beach is located 6 km from Sibenik. The length of the beach is 4 km, it is divided into 5 thematic zones. Admission is free, but for the rental of an umbrella or lounger will have to pay more than on other beaches. Unlike other beaches, Solaris Beach is sandy. Popular place to stay, belongs to the Solaris Beach Resort complex. This beach is rightfully one of the best sandy beaches in Croatia.

Jadrija beach has been one of the most popular swimming spots since 1921. 

Rezalište beach is located 6 km from Šibenik, it is a small gently sloping pebble beach, therefore it is recommended for families with children.

Žaborić Beach is located 10 km from Sibenik. Žaborić was once a peaceful little village, but now it is a popular holiday destination, there are beautiful natural bays, sandy and pebble beaches.

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