Monument to Peter Krešimir IV in Sibenik

Publish date: 02-10-2019
Monument to Peter Krešimir IV in Sibenik

Peter Krešimir IV is the king of Croatia and Dalmatia from the Trpimirovich dynasty. During the time of his government (1059-1074), the Kingdom of Croatia reached its peak. Petar Krešimir IV is called "the Great" king.

Monument to Peter Krešimir IV location in Šibenik is not accidental. People say that Petar Kresimir was the founder of this city. Sometimes locals inhabitants call Šibenik "Krešimir's city"  (in Croatian "Krešimirov grad") in honor of Petar Kresimir.

This monument is located in the Šibenik city park. Exact address: near the intersection of Ul. Vladimira Nazora and Obala dr. Franje Tudmana.


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