Perivoj Luje Maruna park in Sibenik

Publish date: 09-09-2019
Perivoj Luje Maruna park in Sibenik

Perivoj Luje Maruna Park is a small park in Sibenik, located near the church of Gospa van Grada.

The main attraction of this park is a small fountain with turtles. At first, it may seem that the turtles are artificial - under the light of the sun and water their shells shine beautifully in the sun. But you will consider them artificial only until one of the turtles starts to move.

The park is small, but there are several trees and benches where you can hide in the shade from the scorching sun. A good place for a short rest before continuing your walk around Sibenik.

Location of the park

The park is located between the intersection of Ul. Kralja Zvonimira and Ul. Vladimira Nazora, Poljana.

The exact location of the park is shown on the map below.


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