The Water Tower (Limassol)

Publish date: 19-02-2022
The Water Tower (Limassol)

The Water Tower is one of the symbols of Limassol.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the inhabitants of the city faced a shortage of drinking water - they waited for water carts to pass by to fill their clay jugs. The rapid growth of the city's population has exacerbated the problem of water scarcity even more and proved that the current solution with carts is completely ineffective.

A water tower was built in 1929 with to solve this problem. It has a capacity to store 2,500 tons of water.

The height of the tower is about 50 meters, for a long time the tower was the highest point in the city. The diameter of the tower tank is 9 meters. It is made of cast iron and steel 8 mm thick.

How to get there

Nearest stop - EMEL central bus station

Address: June 13 1943 street, Limassol, Cyprus

On the map:


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