How to get from Paphos airport to Polis

Publish date: 15-02-2022
How to get from Paphos airport to Polis

City buses run directly from Paphos airport to Polis - this is bus route number 649.

Schedule and prices

Buses run every day at the same time:

  • From Polis: 17:30 , 19:00 , 21:30 , 23:00
  • From Paphos airport: 17:30 , 19:00 , 21:30, 23:00

Travel time is 70 minutes (approx.).

The fare is 1.5 euros during the day, 2.5 euros - after 21:00.

More information about public transport in Cyprus:

Bus stops

Stop at Paphos airport:

Stop in Polis (Polis Chrysochous):

Main article about Paphos Airport:


Bus 649 runs quite rarely, so if its schedule does not suit you, you can get to Polis with a change in Paphos.

1) Option 1. First you need to take 613 to the Municipal Market Station, then transfer to bus 645 there, which goes to Polis.

2) Option 2. This option is the most difficult - with several transfers. First you need to take 612 to Kato Paphos Station, then transfer to bus 615 which goes to Coral Bay (it runs very often during the day, early in the morning or late in the evening the interval is less frequent), then thwre will be another transfer to bus 648.

In both options, all buses are from the final stop to the final one, so you can not be afraid to pass a transfer.

Schedules can be checked on the CyprusByBus website.


The cost of a taxi from Paphos airport to Polis is approximately 50 euros during the day and 55 euros at night.

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