Luggage Storage at Paphos Airport

Publish date: 15-02-2022
Luggage Storage at Paphos Airport

There is luggage storage available at Paphos International Airport.

To deposit your belongings, you need to find a department called Special Baggage Counter, which is located in the check-in area.

Safe-Sac J.V. company is responsible for luggage storage.

Luggage storage prices

The final price depends on how long the luggage will be stored.

The prices below shown for each item separately.

Storage time Price (per piece of luggage)
First 3 hours € 10.00
3 – 5 hours € 13.00
5 – 7 hours € 16.00
7 – 9 hours € 19.00
9 – 24 hours € 22.00
Each additional day after 24 hours     + € 20.00

Payment could be made by cash or bank card.

When checking in baggage, you will need to fill out a form, which will need to be shown upon receipt, along with the document. If another person will pick up the baggage, it must be listed in this form when checking in your baggage.

Official website

Contact Information:

  • Phone: +357 99876142
  • Email:
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