Luggage Storage at Tallinn Bus Station (Tallinna Bussijaam)

Publish date: 24-06-2022
Luggage Storage at Tallinn Bus Station (Tallinna Bussijaam)

Tallinn Bus Station (Tallinna Bussijaam) has an automatic luggage lockers.

It is easy to find it, turn left from the main entrance to the station, then go down the stairs - and after the ATMs you will see automated lockers along the wall.

Prices (2022)

Lockers are available in three different sizes - small, medium and large.

Price for 24 hours:

  • Small locker 1 euro
  • Medium locker 2 euro
  • Large locker - 3 euros

Locker usage

Using the locker is quite simple.

1) Choose a suitable cell and put your belongings there.

2) Insert coins in the slot.

3) Close the camera with a key that you take a key with you.

How to get there

Address: Lastekodu 46, 10113 Tallinn

On the map:

Public transport

Stop "Bussijaam":

  • Buses: 54, 103


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