Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin

Publish date: 20-03-2020
Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie (Checkpoint "C")  is a border checkpoint, which is located on Friedrichstrasse in Berlin. This checkpoint was created after the city was divided by the Berlin wall (in 1961). Checkpoint was used as crossing point from West Berlin to East Berlin. 

Checkpoint Charlie is the most famous checkpoint in Berlin. The name of this checkpoint  originated  from the English letter "C". NATO used to name crossing points with letters from English alphabet: A - Alfa, B - Bravo, C is Charlie ... 

Checkpoint Charlie became famous because it was the place of confrontation between USSR and USA.  Soviet and American tanks faced each other near this checkpoint in 1961. 

Checkpoint Charlie location

Exact address:  Friedrichstraße 43-45, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Nearest metro: U Kochstraße, Checkpoint Charlie

Bus: M29, N6



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