Luggage storage at Berlin Hauptbahnhof station

Publish date: 11-07-2019
Luggage storage at Berlin Hauptbahnhof station

There is a lot of automatic luggage storages at the Hauptbahnhof station.

The main storage can be found close to 14-15 platforms, under the sign of the DB Gepack Center:

Prices and opening hours

Opening hours: 00-24hr

Prices (2019) for 24 hours:

  • Small locker 4 euro
  • Large locker 6 euro

Small locker Small locker

Large lockerLarge locker

The maximum locker deposit time is 72 hours. If you delay this time - you will have to pay a fee (varies from the number of days overdue and the size of the locker) and an additional 15 euros for opening the locker.

If you need to leave luggage for a short time, you can use short-term storage cameras, they are located at the C-1 parking. Price for 2 hours of storage in a short-term locker will be 2-3 euro (depends on the size of the cell).

If all the cells in the main storage room are occupied, you can use additional storage rooms located at the parking area.

As you can see in the picture, there is also a money exchange machine :

How to use luggage lockers

  • Open the selected cell
  • Place you luggage inside
  • Pay with coins required amount for the first 24 hours (if you need more time - additional payment will be made when you return to pick up luggage, maximum 72hr).  Accepted coins: 1 euro, 2 euro, 50 cents.
  • Lock the door
  • Check if the cell is closed 

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