Ticket vending machines in Berlin

Publish date: 09-03-2021
Ticket vending machines in Berlin

You can find several types of ticket vending machines in Berlin where you can buy a ticket for public transport.

There are 2 main types: BVG public transport machines and DB railway ticket machines.

Public transport machines (BVG) are usually colored with white and yellow and it ahs a simpler interface than DB machines.

BVG machines:

DB train ticket vending machines:

Both have touch screens.

BVG ticket machines 

It accepts coins of 5, 10, 20, 50 cents, 1 and 2 euros and banknotes of 5 and 10 euros. Also you can pay by credit card.

Default interface is in German,  but you can change the language easily. To do this, click on the circle with flags located on the right side of the screen (underlined in red in the picture below):

6 languages ​​are available for selection: German, English, French, Polish, Spanish and Turkish.

Interface in English:

One-time tickets, tickets for 4 trips and daily tickets are available for purchase. Tickets are divided into zones - you must select the zone first. You can read more about Berlin transport zones and ticket types in this article.

Other types of tickets are also available.

After ticket type selection, another window will open where you can additionally choose a discounted rate or immediately purchase several tickets of selected type. 

Buying a one-time ticket for zone A-B:

Buying a day pass for zone A-B:

DB machines

DB machines mainly can be found at train stations. There you can buy train tickets but also there is an opportunity to purchase Berlin city transport tickets.

The default machine interface is in German, but you can change the language:

6 different languages ​​are available.

The interface in English looks like this:

If you need a train ticket, then in the From field you need to enter the departure city, and in the To field the destination city.  

You will be offered the next trains, as well as the opportunity to choose a specific date and trip class.

All offers tab:

To purchase tickets for travel by public transport in Berlin you need to click on the large area marked in blue in the picture below:

This is what the window for choosing tickets for Berlin public transport:

The picture above shows that you can select the zones you need or other  travel types (for example, seasonal or tourist).

First you need to select the zone.

The picture below shows the purchase of one ticket for 2 hours for zone A-B-C:

After choosing a ticket, you need to click on the green "Pay" button to pay. Payment is accepted both in cash and by bank card.

This is the part of the machine related to payment:

Do not forget that after purchasing a ticket, you must validate the ticket before using it.

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