How to get to and from Debrecen Airport

Publish date: 23-03-2019
How to get to and from Debrecen Airport

There are several ways to get to and from Debrecen Airport.

By bus

You can buy a ticket from bus driver. Be careful: driver accepts only cash payments (Hungarian forints), so make sure you have it. There is no currency exchange office at Debrecen Airport, the only option how to get cash  is  withdraw it at an ATM. Therefore, it is best to carry with you a small amount of forints before departure to Hungary.

After purchasing a ticket, you must validate it in the bus. 

Ticket price: HUF 400 (buying from the driver), and HUF 330 buying in advance (it is not possible to buy in advance at the airport).

There are 2 bus routes from / to the airport:  Airport 1 and Airport 2.

Difference between Airport 1 and Airport 2 buses

  • Airport Bus 1 runs  between the airport and the train station (Nagyállomás).
  • The Airport 2 bus travels the same route as the Airport 1, only then passes through the entire city to the Doberdó utca stop.

Since these buses run quite infrequently, we recommend taking first bus which will came to the bus stop. If you need to go further to the center, then from Nagyállomás you can walk or buy a ticket on any other transport (for example, a tram), which goes much more often.

Bus route from the airport. Red cross - location where bus Airport 1 terminates.Bus route from the airport. Red cross - location where bus Airport 1 terminates.

Bus schedule

At the moment, the bus schedule is available on the airport website (the Airport 2 bus is painted dark gray):

Link to the file with this schedule.

As the schedule may change from time to time, it is better to clarify the detailed schedule before the trip on the carrier’s official website.


By taxi

At the airport there is an opportunity to order a taxi. Details can be found here.

Car rental

Several car rental companies are available at the airport (Hertz, Europcar Hungary, Autonomia Hungary Kft).  

On foot

If there is no other possibility, you can go from the airport to the city center on foot. Distance between the airport and Debrecen railway station is approximately 4.2 - 5 km (depends on the chosen route). The journey takes about an hour. I can not recommend this method of transportation, especially if you have a suitcase - part of the way will be on the carriageway of roads and in rural areas. Moreover, you will spend a lot of your time.

By train

Unfortunately there is no direct rail connection between Debrecen Airport and the Hungarian railways. To get to the train first you have to get to Debrecen city.

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