How to get to & from Eilat Ramon airport

Publish date: 14-02-2020
How to get to & from Eilat Ramon airport

There are several ways how you can get to and from Eilat airport. Ramon airport is located 18 km far away from Eilat. 

By bus

The cheapest option is to go by bus. Buses run regularly with 15-30 min interval (it depends on the time of the day). 

An Important notice - buses run also in Shabbat (we've tested). 

One ticket price is 4.20 NIS (shekels). You can buy this ticket from the bus driver (in cash) or in vending machines/ticket office at the airport (located near the tourist information desk). And in the vending machines and office you can pay for the tickets with payment cards / cash.

You can buy one-way ticket, but if you are going to stay for a week, you can think about buying a Rav Kav card.  Rav Kav card offers possibility to store money on it and use it as you need. Another Rav Kav card option is possibility to buy time tickets, for example for 6 days. More about Eilat public transport you can read in this article.

Bus stops located on the right side from  the airport exit. Journey time to the city center is approximately 20-30 minutes (it can take more time to reach hotels part).

If you have pre-purchased ticket, then entering the bus you should validate you ticket in the device, located next to the bus driver (entrance to the bus is only through the front door).  

There are several bus routes from Eilat airport to the city center: 

  • 30 - from the airport Ramon to the Egypt border Taba (along the sea coast).
  • 50 - from Ramon airport to the hotels area (the Eastern part of the city).
  • 31 - from Ramon airport to the North-West of Eilat (operates only in defined time intervals, schedule can be found on carriers official website).
  • 32 - from Ramon airport  to the South-Western part of the Eilat (operates only in defined the time interval, schedule can be found on carriers official website).

All of these bus routes go through Eilat Central bus station. Buses 31 and 32 goes quite rare(several times a day).

Official website of the carrier

Schedule from the Eilat Central bus station to Ramon airport (2020):

By taxi

You can catch a taxi,  fares will depend on time of a day, number of kilometers, number of passengers and luggage. 

Estimated cost starts from  85-95 shekels.

Rent a car

Car rental offices located in the airport arrivals hall. 

Private transfers

Private transfers must be booked in advance. 


Eilat - Ramon Official website

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