Princess Hotel Beach in Eilat

Publish date: 14-05-2020
Princess Hotel Beach in Eilat

Princess Hotel Beach is the southernmost beach of Eilat, located near the Egypt border.

Previously, this beach belonged to the Princess Hotel, from where its name came from. The hotel now is closed. 

The beach is free.

Pros: convenient entry into the water from the bridges, which makes it possible to swim without shoes. Although there is a possibility to swim from the shore, there is a pebble bottom and you need shoes for swimming.

The beach is located on a coral reef, so many beautiful fish swim around. You cannot feed and catch them (it is strictly prohibited), but it is very interesting to watch them.

Free toilets can be found along the road.

Cons: there are no locker rooms and a shower on the beach.

Beach location and directions

By public transport:

Stop "Mitsrayim Road / The Princess Hotel", buses 30 and 15 (to go back 30 and 16 busses).

Beach on the map:


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