Public transport in Eilat

Publish date: 13-02-2020
Public transport in Eilat

Eilat use busses as main public transportation type. Bus owner is Egged company, its official website:

General information

Boarding the buses is allowed only at the front door.  When boarding, you can buy a ticket from the bus driver or attach your Rav-Kav card with pre-purchased ticket to the reader. This reader is located near the driver.  Bus drivers control that everyone has a ticket.

Buses travel very fast and can slow down sharply.  As soon as you stand up from your seat - try to hold well. If there are no people who wish to get off the bus and the bus stop is empty,  bus will pass by. Some buses have special buttons if you wish to inform the driver that you need to get off  at the desired stop.  

Fines up to 180.00 shekels are for persons without tickets.

Ticket types and prices, Rav-Kav card

Rav Kav Israel card

A single trip costs 4.20 NIS (shekels). This ticket can be purchased directly from the driver while boarding the bus.

An alternative is the Rav-Kav card, on which you can upload money to pay for travel or travel card for several days.

There are 3 Rav-Kav card types: anonymous, semi-anonymous and personal. A semi-anonymous and personal card can only be used by cardholders, an anonymous card can be transferred to other people. If you lose an anonymous and semi-anonymous card, their balance burns out, it cannot be restored. A monthly pass cannot be loaded onto an anonymous card. Rav-Kav cards are also used in other Israel cities.

The Rav-Kav card is an electronic wallet -  erech tsavur. One of this card advantages is that you can buy tickets with discounts. You can load card  with the amount of money equal to 30/50/100/150/200 shekels (Also available travel cards for a certain period of time). When you load a certain amount of money, actually there will be added some more money for free,  % will depend on the discount level: for example, when recharging card with 100 shekels, passenger will receive 125 shekels on card, for a senior citizen % will be higher,  total amount will be 200 shekels. When validating a card in transport the full cost of the trip will be charged (for Eilat it is 4.20 NIS). Full recharge table:


Standard profile (20%) National insurance beneficiary, Disabled, students (33%) Youth, senior citizens, extended student (50%)


 How much money you spend when recharging the card   How much money will actually be on card
  Standard (20%) National insurance beneficiary, Disabled, students (33%) Youth, senior citizens, extended student (50%)
₪30 37.50 45.00 60.00
₪50 62.50 75.00 100.00
₪100 125.00 150.00 200.00
₪150 187.50 225.00 300.00
₪200 250.00 300.00 400.00

An anonymous Rav-Kav card costs 5 shekels. On the official website it is indicated that the Rav-Kav card can be purchased or recharged at the Eged office or from the bus driver (according to some other sources, drivers are no longer involved in the sale and recharging of Rav-Kav cards). 

Rav-Kav card is valid for 8 years from the date of its purchase. It can simultaneously record up to 8 different travel cards.

Prices for travel passes in Eilat (2020):

  • 1 day: 6.70 shekels
  • 6 days: 33.5 shekels
  • month: 116 shekels

The ticket must be loaded onto Rav-Kav card. Tickets are valid for the entire Eilat + until the Taba border crossing + for trips to Ramon Airport (but this does not include the intermediate territory between Eilat and Ramon Airport).

More information about Rav-Kav cards can be found here.

Where to buy tickets

  • From the bus driver for cash
  • At the Eilat  Ramon  airport (there are ticket vending machines and Egged office, not far from the tourist information desk).
  • At Eilat Bus Station (12 Sderot Ha-Tmarim)

Bus routes

The main city routes are shown on the map below (hereinafter we will analyze in more detail):

Eilat bus route map

on the map:

  • dark blue - route number 1,
  • light blue - route number 2,
  • red - route number 5,
  • yellow - route number 6,
  • dark orange - route number 15,
  • green - route number 16.


One of the popular routes is along the sea coast (beaches) - bus number 16 (Eilat - Taba border (with Egypt)). Bus number 15 runs in the opposite direction. Another route along the coast is bus number 30 (which also goes to Ramon Airport).

From the Eilat Central bus station there are many buses to other cities in Israel.

List of routes passing through Eilat.

Bus stops

Bus stops are indicated by signs with a list of route numbers:

In the city center there are electronic displays. 

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