Um Rush Rush Monument in Eilat

Publish date: 13-05-2020
Um Rush Rush Monument in Eilat

The Um Rush Rush Monument is located on the eponymous square in the center of Eilat.

The monument is dedicated to the Israeli War of Independence. It memories the installation the flag of Israel after Eilat city capture. This event took place on March 10, 1949.

The sculptural composition depicts a group of people setting the flag of Israel. The author of the sculpture depicted people exactly as it was captured in a historical photograph.

The flag settlement became a symbol of the victory of Israel in the War of Independence.

The monument  name "Um-Rash-rush" is not accidental - it was Eilat's city name before the was (Umm Al-Rashrash).

In 1994 Um Rash Rush was declared as a national heritage site in Israel.

In 2014 the place around the monument was renovated.

Monument location

Monument is located next to the shopping center Mall Hayam.

The nearest bus stop is HaSela Ha'Adom Hotel, buses 15 (16), 30.

On the map:


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