How to get to Pisa from Florence

Publish date: 28-03-2019
How to get to Pisa from Florence

There are several ways to get from Florence to Pisa:

By train

Perhaps this is the most convenient and fastest way.

You can buy tickets online on Italian railway official website or at the station. It is worth to remember that Florence in Italian is "Firenze", otherwise you could have a problems while searching.

Currently, one-way price for class 2 train is approximately 8.60 euros.

There are two destination station options in Pisa: Pisa S. Rossore and Pisa Centrale. Buying a ticket, you should pay attention to the travel time (possible options - from 50 minutes to 2 hours) and the number of changes. To avoid potential problems, it is better to take tickets without changes. 

The difference between stations:

  • To Pisa Centrale trains go much more often. But this station is about a kilometer and a half further from the main sights of Pisa (for example from the Leaning Tower of Pisa) than Pisa S. Rossore station. But if you do not mind a little walk and want to see the city - this option is fine.
  • To the station Pisa S. Rossore trains run a little less often, but it is closer to the main attractions.  

The approximate route from Pisa S. Rossore to the main attractions is marked in red, from Pisa Centrale - in green.The approximate route from Pisa S. Rossore to the main attractions is marked in red, from Pisa Centrale - in green.

By bus

  • Flixbus company have several busses per day, price ranges from 7.99 euros to 15.99€. Travel time is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Approaches to Pietrasantina car park that is not far away from  railway station Pisa S. Rossore.
  • The carrier Auotstradale offers busses to Pisa airport several times a day,  price is 7.50 euros. This is convenient if you need to go to the airport, and if not - then you will have to change the transport and lose time, it is better to choose something else.
  • Terravision company also offers regular busses to Pisa airport. One way price is 4.99 €.

By car

The distance between Florence and Pisa is about 90 km (depending on the chosen route). There are toll roads on the way.

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