Renka Garden in Ventspils

Publish date: 20-03-2019
Renka Garden in Ventspils

Renka Garden (Reņķa dārzs) is the central venue for cultural events in Ventspils during the summer season.

This park will be interesting for tourists because of its unusual sculptures and installations. There are various sculptures of rams and lambs, bulls, turtles and other animals scattered around the park.  

In the park you can find giant items of clothing, for example, a huge blue hat. The giant Lutausis (Lutausis) lost his boot, hat, button, key ring and wool thread in the park, the author is I. Berga.

There is a small pond in the park with a floating fountain and benches. It has become a pleasant place to take a breath and relax.  

Location of the park

The Renka garden is located between two streets - Sporta iela and Kuldīgas iela. This place can be reached from center by foot,  it will take approx. from 10 to 20 minutes.

Nearby are bus stop for busses number 3, 4, 21.


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