How to get to Vilnius airport

Publish date: 06-01-2020
How to get to Vilnius airport

You can get to Vilnius airport (and from Vilnius to the airport) in several ways - by bus, train, taxi or by your own car.

Below is a map of bus stops and parking at the airport:

By bus

Buses stop right at the airport entrance.

Routes: 3G (express bus), 1, 2, 88 and 88N (night). Travel time is approximately 20 minutes (excluding traffic jams).

  • No. 3G - Airport – Center – Fabiioniškės
  • No. 1 - Airport - ul. Viking - Station
  • No. 2 - Airport - ul. Viking - st. Liepkalne - Station
  • No. 88, No. 88N - Airport - Center - Europe Square

One trip price is 1 euro, this ticket can be bought from the bus driver.

An alternative payment option (except night bus) is to purchase a  Vilnius city transport card (for 1.5 euros) and buy a ticket which will be stored there. Then the cost of one trip will depend on the selected fare:

  • 30-minute ticket - 0.65 Euro
  • 60-minute ticket - 0.90 Euro
  • 1 day ticket - 5.00 Euro
  • 3-day ticket - 8.00 Euro
  • 5-day ticket - 12.00 Euro
  • 10-day ticket - 15.00 Euro

Buying a card is beneficial if you intend to use public transport in Vilnius after traveling from the airport.

Airport information brochure with route maps.

Night buses

88N is a night route.

The price of one night bus ride is 1 euro. Ticket can be bought from the bus driver for cash.

Bus schedule from the airport:

Hours Minutes
22 30
23 00 30
0 00 30
1 00 30
2 00
3 00 30
4 00 30 55
5 25

With red marked shortened routes.

You can refine the schedule and find it in the opposite direction here.

By train

A train runs between the airport and the central railway station of Vilnius.

It takes about 5-10 minutes to get from the airport to the train stop. Ticket can be bought in advance on the website or from the conductor, who is working inside the train. There are no ticket offices and ticket vending machines on the platform (at the airport).

Only 1 train runs on the route, since there trains can move only in one direction at a time (1 pair of rails). After the train arrives at a stop at the airport, it moves in the opposite direction.

Ticket price: 0.7 EUR

Travel time to the railway station: 5-7 minutes. The schedule can be found on this site. (Route name: Vilnius - Oro uostas).

If you have a bulky suitcase, getting on the train with it will be problematic (see photo above).

By taxi

The taxi price to the city center is approximately 10 euros.

Popular routes:

  • Vilnius Airport - Old Town (Cathedral Square) - approximately 10 EUR
  • Vilnius Airport - Konstitucijos avenue - approximately EUR 12
  • Vilnius Airport - Litexpo Exhibition and Congress Center - approximately EUR 9
  • Vilnius Airport - Hospital Santariskiu Klinikos - approximately 18 EUR

Prices for a trip from the airport should not exceed these tariffs:

  • 1 km at day from 6 am to 10 pm  -  1.01 EUR
  • 1 km at night from 10 pm 6 am - 1.16 EUR
  • 1 km on weekends and holidays - 1,16 EUR
  • 1 km outside the city - 1.16 EUR
  • Per boarding - 1.45 EUR
  • 1 minute of waiting - 0.29 EUR

Intercity and international buses

Vilnius Airport can also be reached from other cities and countries.

There are regular flights from other cities of Lithuania: Klaipeda, Palanga, Pasvalis, Panevezys.

From neighboring countries - from Riga, Minsk, Grodno.

More information on these flights can be found in this article.

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