Left-luggage at Vilnius railway station

Publish date: 07-02-2020
Left-luggage at Vilnius railway station

There is an automatic luggage storage at the railway station in Vilnius.

Cell types and prices

All cells are divided into 3 sizes: L, M and S. The price per cell depends on its size.

Prices for 12 hours:

  • L - 4 Eur
  • M - 3 Eur
  • S - 2 Eur

The maximum storage time is 7 days.

There is an option for short-term baggage storage (in M-type cells), then 1 hour = 1 Eur (maximum storage time is 24 hours).

There are usually no problems with cell availability early in the morning, but in the middle of the day sometimes is difficult to find an empty cell.

Cell pricesCell prices

How to use an automatic locker

How to use a left-luggage in Vilnius

Vending machines accept 10, 20, 50 cents coins, 1 and 2 euros. No change given.

How to store your baggage:

  1. Select the cell.
  2. Put your belongings inside and close the door
  3. Pay the amount shown on the screen
  4. Get a printed receipt with a secret code.

Luggage payment machine

How to return your baggage:

  1. Enter the code from the receipt  
  2. If you have stored luggage more than the initial period, pay the required amount
  3. Take your luggage from the cell

Before closing the cell, check whether you put everything there. As soon as you open the cell, if you need to close it you will have to pay again.

The fee for code loss is 10 Eur. The left-luggage office operates 24 hours a day, but is limited by the operating time of the railway station.

Luggage receiptLuggage receipt

Luggage locker location

Luggage lockers are located at the Vilnius central train station.

Exact address: Vilnius 02100, Lithuania

On the map:


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