Barrakka Lift in Valletta

Publish date: 08-10-2019
Barrakka Lift in Valletta

Barrakka Lift  - is the elevator, located near the wall of Valletta. This lift connects the Upper Barrakka Gardens with the Grand Harbor.

The new Barrakka elevator was built as the replacement the old one. It was opened in December 2012. Previous elevator functioned from 1905 to 1973 and was dismantled in 1983.

Lifting height is 58 meters. Elevator can carry 21 people at a time,  max. 800 people per hour. The rise lasts about 23 seconds, which makes it the fastest way to get from the port to the city center.

You can use stairs as an alternative to elevator, it is free and located near the lift. 


An up and down ride costs 1 €. (In fact, you pay only for a trip from the bottom to the top, you can go down for free even without having a ticket - (in 2018)).

Free of charge: children under 10 years old, holders of the “Karta Anzjan” card, persons holding a valid ferry ticket through the harbor to Valletta.

An elevator ticket can be purchased at the vending machines.

Elevator working hours

  • November 1 - May 31 from 07.00 a.m.  - 9.00 p.m.
  • June 1 - October 31 from 07.00 a.m. to midnight

Check the information before the trip on the official website.

Elevator location

The elevator is located in the Upper Barrakka Gardens, the exact location is marked on the map below:

A small tunnel leads to the elevator (in the port):

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