Blue Grotto (Malta)

Publish date: 26-06-2020
Blue Grotto (Malta)

The Blue Grotto (Taħt il-Ħnejja) is one of Malta's most popular natural attractions.

In fact, the Blue Grotto is a whole complex of sea caves. There is a massive arch about 30 m high, as well as a system of six other caves. Among them you can find caves with different names, for example the "Honeymoon Cave", the "Cat’s Cave" and the "Reflection Cave".

The uniqueness of this place is that the sun's rays are reflected from sea water and from white sand at the bottom, resulting in a beautiful azure color. It is better to come here in the first half of the day (preferably before 1 p.m.), because in the late afternoon this effect wouldn't be so noticeable due to the different position of the sun.

There is a legend that the name of this place in 1950 was given by a British soldier. He compared the Maltese grotto to another Blue Grotto located on Capri (Grotta Azzurra). 

Near the Blue Grotto you can see the smallest non-inhabited island of Malta called Filfla.

Filfla island, MaltaFilfla island, Malta

How to get to the Blue Grotto  

Blue Grotto is located in the southwestern part of Malta, near the village of Kurendi (Il-Qrendi).

Blue Grotto on the map:

Only two bus routes 74 and 201 go to the Blue Grotto. You can tae bus number 74 directly from Valletta, and bus 201 from the airport or Rabat (201 also goes near the Dingli cliffs, which are located nearby). It is important to note that bus 201 doesn't go to Valletta!

There are 2 options, how you can get to Blue Grotto by public transport (for both bus routes 74 and 201 those stops are the same):

1) If you want to enjoy a beautiful view of the Grotto from above, it is better to get off at the Panorama stop, there is an observation deck:

View from the observation deckView from the observation deck

After you can go down to the boats and to the beautiful rocky shore. (We don't recommend to do this in reverse sequence, because in this case you will have to go uphill).

2) If the views from the top doesn't interest you, you can get off at stop called "Grotto". The Blue Grotto wouldn't be visible from this place,  but there you can take a boat which will take you directly to the caves. If you arrive at this place and want to go up to see the Grotto arch, you will have to overcome a high climb along the highway.  

You can also come by car, there are parking lots at the top and at the bottom places (but the number  parking lots is limited).

Grotto Boats

Boats depart from the pier located near the Grotto bus stop.

Pier location is shown on the map below:

You must purchase a ticket at the ticket office, before you go to the boats.  

Experienced fishermen ride passengers on a traditional Maltese fishing boats called Luzza.

All passengers wear life vests. About 10 people / per boat. 


  • Adult - 8 euros
  • Children - 4 euros

Boat ride duration is approximately 20 minutes.

Schedule (may vary depending on weather):

  • Summer: 09.00 -17.00
  • Winter: 09.00 - 15.30

Boats won't operate in bad weather. 



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