Dingli Aviation Radar

Publish date: 23-06-2020
Dingli Aviation Radar

When visiting the Dingli cliffs, it’s quite difficult not to notice a building with a white spherical roof. This building is surrounded by a dense fence along the perimeter. This is an aviation radar that was built on Dingli cliffs on March 27, 1939.

Entrance to the territory behind the fence is strictly prohibited. On the fence there is a warning for the people with pacemakers and similar devices, because the radar antenna is a source of powerful electromagnetic fields and non-ionizing radiation.

Radar location

On the map:

How to get:

A single bus number 201 (Rabat - Airport) passes by the radar and the nearest bus stop is Vizitaturi (the same name in both directions). Interval between buses is one hour (at least in the winter schedule). 


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