Dingli cliffs, Malta

Publish date: 23-06-2020
Dingli cliffs, Malta

Dingli cliffs are located near the village with the same name. This village is located 13 kilometers from the capital of Malta - Valletta and 2 kilometers from the nearest town (Rabat).

You should come to the Dingli cliffs if you want to spend a day slowly walking along the coast and watching impressive landscapes.  

The height of Dingli cliffs reaches 250 meters above sea level.

How to get  

Dingli cliffs are located along the west coast of the Malta island.

The map below shows the placewith the best views on cliffs:

There are 2 ways to get to Dingli Cliffs:

1) From Valletta

You can get to the Dingli cliffs from Valletta by bus 56 (the journey takes about an hour).You can leave the bus at the Depiro stop or one stop further - Tarag. Both stops are located near the shore. It is best to start walking from this place and move towards the Blue Grotto, because it will be easier to go this way - the road will be with a slight downward slope. If you choose the opposite direction - you have to constantly go uphill. An important notice - bus 56 does not reach directly to the best viewpoint which is marked on the map above. Fom these stops you will have to walk several kilometers on foot. But this walk will be pleasant, you can relax and enjoy landscapes around. If you do not want to go on foot, you will have to transfer to bus 201 in Rabat or on the coast.

Malta stones road cliff cliff

2) From Rabat

Dingli cliffs can be reached from the city of Rabat by bus 201, the journey takes 10-15 minutes. (Bus 56 also passes through Rabat, so you can use it if you are in this city). Bus 201 connects Rabat and Malta International Airport, passing along the coastline - Dingli, Hajar Kim and Blue Grotto. You can visit other attractions along this route and combine walking with driving long sections of the path on this bus. It is worth noting that bus runs once per hour and it is worthwhile to specify the schedule in advance.

Walking route

Consider a walk from Depiro to Zuta.

At the Zuta stop there is only a bus number 201, which will take you to the Blue Grotto or the airport, or return to Rabat. 

The distance between Depiro and Zuta is approximately 3 kilometers. On foot this distance can be covered in 40-50 minutes, but we recommend at least two hours for a walk. You will spend a lot of time observing the magnificent landscapes that open along this route.

There are several interesting buildings along the way. The first interesting building is an aviation radar. More info about this radar you can read in separate article:

The second interesting building on the route is St. Mary Magdalene Chapel. 

Separate article:

At the Zuta stop, you can get off the road and go along the path to a slightly protruding shore towards the sea. Best view on a Dingli cliffs is from this point.  

Views from the edge of the coast:

After the Zuta stop, the main road turns away from the coastline and goes a little deeper into the island - a walk along it will no longer be so interesting, lack of sidewalks and passing cars can cause inconvenience to the pedestrians who decide to go further.

As a continuation of the route, I recommend taking 201 bus at the Zuta stop and getting to the Hajar Kim temple complex. You can also drive a little further to the Blue Grotto, it all depends on what you want to see. 



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