Luggage storage at Malta Airport

Publish date: 11-07-2019
Luggage storage at Malta Airport

There is a luggage storage room at the Malta airport.

Luggage storage works 00-24hr.

To store your belongings, you must contact the airport information desk (tables with the letter "i" on a blue background) located in the check-in hall (Check-in Hall). Do not muss it up with tourist information office!

After contacting the information desk, you must show an identity document and specify how much baggage you want to deposit (payment will be per piece). You will receive an approval document (according to which you will later collect your baggage). Also you will receive a bag tag, you have to attach it to your baggage.

Payment will be made when you come to receive your luggage. Please note that payment by card will be available only if amount will exceed 30 euros, otherwise only cash is accepted.

After attaching the baggage tag, your luggage will be scanned.  After this you will be able to go to the locker room where you can leave your luggage.

Receipt of baggage

To get the luggage back, you need to go to the information desk, present the previously issued baggage document and pay the bill. Then you can access luggage storage room where you can pick it up.

Luggage Storage Rates

1 PC Up to 12 hours  Up to 24hours Every additional 24 hours
Luggage (maximum 30 kg) €5 €10 €10
Special volume items €10 €15 €15

More information about prices and conditions (check the relevance of the data before the trip!) can be found on the official website.

Storage rules

  • All baggage must be securely closed.
  • Baggage must not contain any dangerous items or perishable goods such as food and beverages.
  • No valuable items (such as cameras, laptops, jewelry, mobile phones, etc.) should be kept in baggage.
  • Food or pets cannot be accepted.
  • Any fragile items in the baggage must be warned in advance.
  • All baggage is subject to security checks (tape scanning).
  • Special items, such as musical instruments, surfboards, bicycles, etc., are accepted only if there is space available.
  • Payment (only in euros) is made upon receipt of baggage.
  • Payment by credit card will be accepted only if the amount exceeds 30 euros.
  • Any luggage left unclaimed after 90 days from the date of the deposit will become the property of the Maltese International Airport and will be disposed of.
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