St. Mary Magdalene Chapel

Publish date: 23-06-2020
St. Mary Magdalene Chapel

The Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene (Kappella ta 'Santa Marija Maddalena) is a chapel in Malta near the Dingli cliffs. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Chapel is dedicated to Mary Magdalene.

The chapel was built in 1646. Previously, another chapel of an earlier construction was located on this place - approx. in 15th century. It collapsed and it was decided to build a new one in its place.  

The lightning struck the chapel twice during its entire existence. Last time this happened on December 10, 2014. Lightning damaged the window and the altar. After this accident the chapel was restored and opened to visitors in 2015.

The chapel is listed on the the National Inventory of the Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands (NICPMI).

How to get to the chapel

Chapel on the map: 

There is only one bus 201, which goest near the chapel. The stop name is Maddalena. Be careful - stop on demand, if you do not let the driver know about your intentions by pressing the button, he will pass by. Bus 201 runs between Malta Airport and the city of Rabat (Mdina).

Near the chapel there is a small free car parking. 

Working hours

According to current data, the chapel is closed to the public.


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