Temple of All Religions in Kazan

Publish date: 06-05-2020
Temple of All Religions in Kazan

Temple of All Religions (also known as Universal Temple) is located in the village of Staroye Arakchino in Kazan. Temple is dedicated to all religions of the world. It is a unique architectural complex. 

Construction of the Temple began in 1994 and is still ongoing. Russian painter, architect and sculptor Ildar Khans (Ильдар Ханов) is the creator of this temple. Unfortunately he did not have time to complete the construction of the church, he died in 2013. But his family and associates continue to build the Temple. 

Temple combines some parts from 16 different religions, both existing and extinct.

Now the temple is open to the public and it is one of Kazan's popular landmarks. 


Entrance ticket - 100 RUB. 

Tour - 350 RUB.

Opening hours

According to some the temple is open every day from 8:00 to 20:00 (some people says that up to 18:00, the information is not verified).  

Official website: khanovtemple.ru

Temple location

Exact address: Staro-Arakchinsky street, 4, Kazan, Russia (Старо-Аракчинская ул., 4, Казань, Россия)


  • Bus stop "Переправа" (Pereprava), buses  number 2, 45
  • Train: stop "Старое Аракчино" (Staroye Arakchino)



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