Victory Park in Kazan

Publish date: 08-03-2019
Victory Park in Kazan

Memorial complex Victory Park is a park in Kazan, covering an area of ​​approximately 50 hectares. The construction of the park began in the 1970s. In the park were planted 1418 trees and shrubs, which means the number of days and nights of the World War II.

There is a memorial complex dedicated to the heroes of the World War II. Eternal Flame is located in the center of the memorial complex. Around it are columns where are attached plates with the names of the Heroes of the Soviet Union, the Heroes of Socialist Labor and full holders of the Orders of Glory. The memorial was built in 1995 to the 50th anniversary of the Victory in the World War II.

Exhibition of military equipment

There is a free exhibition of military equipment in the park, located under the open sky. There you can meet tanks, BRDM, BTR, anti-tank artillery guns, howitzers, "Katyusha", Pe-2, MiG-17, Po-2, MiG-27 aircrafts, helicopters.

More photos of military equipment are at the bottom of the page.

Memorial "Book of Memory"


  • Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-18.00
  • Sunday 10.00-16.00
  • Monday is closed
  • Lunch break: 13.00-14.00

Victory Park Map

  1. Memorial "Book of Memory"
  2. Eternal flame
  3. Playground
  4. Exhibition of military equipment
  5. Monument "Mother of the Warrior"
  6. Pier
  7. Playground
  8. Submarine

The park has a pond and a pier, but swimming in the pond is prohibited. There you can find carps and crucians, as well as wild ducks. There is also a sport court and playground. Free toilet is available in the park.

Alley of submariners

There is an alley of submariners in the park. At the end of this alley you can find the cabin of the nuclear submarine K-403 "Kazan". It was brought to Kazan in 2010 and installed as a memorial in Victory Park. The length of this cabin is 22 meters, height - 6m, width 3.5m.  

How to get to Victory Park

Nearest bus stop is "Park pobedi", transport:

  • Buses: 15, 28, 33, 46, 49, 60, 106
  • Trolleybuses: 2, 13
  • Trams: 5, 6


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