Faceted Tower in Kolomna Kremlin

Publish date: 22-02-2019
Faceted Tower in Kolomna Kremlin

The Faceted tower (Грановитая башня) is part of the defensive wall of the Kolomna Kremlin. The tower was built in 1525-1531. In the 1980s, the upper tier of the tower was restored.

The uniqueness of this tower is in its form: its outer part has the shape of a hexagon, while the inner part (which is inside the Kremlin) has the shape of a parallelepiped. In the Kolomna Kremlin there are no more towers similar to this one.

How to get to the Faceted Tower

The faceted tower is part of the Kolomna Kremlin, respectively, in order to reach it you need to get  to the Kremlin of Kolomna.

Nearest stops:

  • Trams 1, 3, 7, 9 stop "Koņkobeznij centr (Конькобежный центр)".
  • Bus 7 stop "Koņkobeznij centr (Конькобежный центр)".
  • Buses 22, 14, 50, 63, 23, 23/48, stop "Ivanovskaya ulitsa (Ивановская улица)".

Also nearby is the Staraya Kolomna Bus Station (Автостанция "Старая Коломна"), from where many buses go in different directions.

The exact location of the tower is shown on the map below:


Faceted Tower in Kolomna KremlinFaceted Tower in Kolomna Kremlin
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