Monument to Shurik and Lidochka in Krasnodar

Publish date: 13-07-2019
Monument to Shurik and Lidochka in Krasnodar

The monument to Shurik and Lidochka was opened in 2012. The governor of the region Alexander Tkachev proposed to buid monument dedicated to students. Monument is located directly opposite one of the major universities of Krasnodar.

Leonid Gaidai famous comedy "Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures" heroes (Shurik and Lidochka) have been worked out in detail.

The monument is cast from bronze, both figures weigh about 300 kilograms.

Monument location

The monument is located on the central tourist street of Krasnodar, the exact address: st. Krasnaya (Red), opposite KubGTU (Kuban State Technological University).


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