The monument-obelisk to Miloradovich grenadiers, Podolsk

Publish date: 30-03-2020
The monument-obelisk to Miloradovich grenadiers, Podolsk

The Monument-obelisk to Miloradovich grenadiers - a tribute to the courage of the Russian warriors in the battle on 22 September 1812. 

The Monument was situated in 1912 in honor of the 100th anniversary of Russia's victory over Napoleon's troops. During the Soviet Union the monument was converted into a monument to Karl Marx, but in 1995, the monument was reconstructed and restored. 

Monument has a memorial plaque with a description of the feat:

Monument location

Exact address: Соборная площадь 3 (Sobornaya ploshad 3), Podolsk (near Trinity Cathedral)

Nearest station:  ДК имени Карла Маркса (DK imeni Karla Marksa), bus 37K.



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