How to get to Rostov-on-Don Airport Platov

Publish date: 06-09-2019
How to get to Rostov-on-Don Airport Platov

By public transport

From Rostov-on-Don

There is a bus number 700 from Rostov-on-Don, interval - 30 minutes.

Price: 100 rubles.
Price per suitcase: 50 rubles / pcs.
You can buy a ticket from the bus driver.

Travel time is approximately 1 hour.

The exact schedule (2019) (first time in column - depart time from Rostov-on-Don, last column - arrive time to airport, other columns - additional stops):

Main stop location:

Address: Привокзальная площадь, 3А, Ростов-на-Дону (3A Station Square, Rostov-on-Don)

On the map:

Stop photo:

The whole route:

  • Ж/д вокзал (Привокзальная площадь)  - Railway Station (Railway Station Square)
  • Старый автовокзал - Old bus station
  • Старый аэропорт - Old airport
  • Аксай (Аксайский поворот а/д М-4) - Aksay (Aksai turn a / d M-4)
  • п. Рассвет - Rassvet
  • п. Красный колос - Krasniy kolos
  • Аэропорт "Платов" - Platov airport

From Novocherkassk

  • Bus number 800
  • Price: 50 rub

Route scheme and exact schedule are available at airport website

By taxi

Taxi trip price from Rostov-on-Don to Platov Airport is approximately 1100-1700 rubles, depending on the chosen taxi company. (For example,  Yandex taxi from the Rostov-on-Don Main railway station to the airport will cost about 1,130 rubles).

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