How to get to Tibidabo

Publish date: 01-06-2021
How to get to Tibidabo

There is 3 ways how you can reach Tibidabo  from Barcelona by public transport:

1) By Tibibus bus

2) Metro - train - Vallvidrera funicular - bus

3) (Metro / Bus / Tram) + Funicular del Tibidabo  

The easiest way is to use Tibibus, because you don’t have to make many transfers. But the second method is also not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. Using T10 ticket the second option will be cheaper than Tibibus. 

Tibibus Bus

Tibibas is a bus, which belongs to the amusement park located on Tibidabo hill.

There are two Tibibus routes: T2A and T2B.

T2A departs from Plaza Catalunya (Plaça Catalunya), more precisely from the intersection of Plaça Catalunya and Rambla Catalunya, in front of the Desigual store. Price - 3 € per person, free for Tibiclub members.
T2B departs from Paseo de la Vall d'Hebron, 138-176, in front of Vall d'Hebron Hospital. Free  of charge if you purchase a parking lot B: SM Sant Genís for 4.20 € / per day.
Buses run every day when an amusement park is open, from 10.00 a.m. and till 30 minutes after amusement park closes. Park opening hours you can find here. Buses run every 30 minutes.

Metro - train - funicular - bus

This method requires more transfers, but is cheaper. If you have a T10 ticket, you can use only one trip. Read more about travel tickets in Barcelona in this article. One trip with T10 ticket with transfers lasts 75 minutes, if you don’t fit this time, then you will need to spend 2 trips. If you use separate tickets for each transport - it will be much more expensive.

First, you need to get to any station where you can catch the S1 or S2 trains, for example, to Plaça Catalunya. If you live nearby or use other transport types, you can skip the metro stage. S1 or S2 trains are located separately from metro station, if you are travelling by metro you should go outside the metro turnstiles and follow S1/S2 signs. 

S1 and S2 line map:

Take the train to Peu del Funicular Station.

At Peu del Funicular without leaving the station, you need to climb to the Vallvidrera funicular (Vallvidrera Inferior). There is no need for a separate ticket for funicular. You can read more about the funicular in a separate article.

After the ride on the funicular you need to leave the station and find bus stop for the bus number 111. It is located right around the corner.

Next, take the bus 111, it goes straight to Tibidabo.

Despite the apparent complexity with the number of transfers, this way to get to Tibidabo is not so complicated as it seems to be.

Metro / Bus / Tram + Funicular del Tibidabo

Perhaps this is the most expensive of all the listed methods (it will be beneficial only if you are going to visit an amusement park). The funicular lifts up from the station located at Placa del Doctor Andreu.

The lower funicular station is shown on the map:

It is worth considering that there is no metro station nearby - the nearest one (Penitents) is located about one and a half kilometers from the funicular and you will have to go along hilly terrain. The station can also be reached by the blue tram (Tramvia Blau) or by bus number 196.

The schedule of the funicular can be found on the official website (link at the bottom of this page). Since this funicular belongs to an amusement park, the schedule is tied to the time of its operation.

  • Round-trip fare: 7.70 € (when buying a ticket to the amusement park - 4.10 €)
  • People over 60 and disabled - 3.50 € (when buying a ticket to an amusement park - 2.00 €)

Detailed information on how to get to the funicular can be found on this page.

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