How to get to Girona Airport

Publish date: 12-09-2019
How to get to Girona Airport

There are several ways to get to / from Girona Airport:

Bus to Barcelona

To center of Barcelona:

Girona Airport - Barcelona bus line (bus number 604)

Buses run between Girona Airport and the center of Barcelona, ​​arriving at Estació del Nord.

This bus stops at the Girona bus station, at Girona airport and in Barcelona (Estació del Nord).


Price: € 16.00

Travel time to Barcelona is approximately 75 minutes.

Schedule: Buses depart approximately 20-25 minutes after each plane arrives at the airport.

Check the exact prices and schedule on carrier official website!

To Barcelona El Prat Airport

Figueres - Barcelona Airport

Bus route number 602 (Barcelona Airport - Barcelona - Salt - Girona - Figueres). This route connects 2 airports:  Girona airport and Barcelona airport.

Buses run 3 times a day: 09:10, 12:55 and 19:55.

Price € 19.00.


Check the exact prices and schedule on carrier official website!


To the center of Girona

There are several bus lines from Girona airport to the center of Girona.

Approximate travel time is 20 minutes.

Ticket price € 2.75.


  • 601 (Blanes - Girona), 605 (Blanes - Lloret de Mar - Girona Airport - Girona) (Carrier:, timetable)
  • 602 (Aeroport de Barcelona - Barcelona - Girona - Figueres)
  • 607 (Girona Airport - Girona), this bus operates only on weekends (extra stop: Riudellots)
  • L-28 (Eix Bus: Lleida - Girona) (the bus even goes in such cities as Vic, Cervera, Manresa, Lleida and Tàrrega. Carrier: Girona airport is listed in the bus route, but in some schedules there is a no-stop mark opposite the airport stop, better ask the driver before boarding if there will be a stop at the airport.

To Costa Brava

To the southern part:

Bus 605 (Blanes - Lloret de Mar - Girona Airport - Girona,, ticket price € 10.00.

An alternative is the Girona Airport - Lloret Station - Tossa Station line operated by Sarfa, ticket price € 10.00.

To the northern part:

602 (Barcelona Airport - Barcelona - Salt - Girona - Figueres by Girona Airport,, ticket price € 7.90.


To Lleida

The L-28 bus runs to the city of Lleida, in this case trip will cost € 19.95 and last 2 hours. 


To Andorra

Andorra and Girona Airport are connected by a direct bus route:Girona Bus Station - Girona Airport - Vic bus station - Andorra.

Bus operates only on Fridays and Sundays at 10.00 and 20.00, price is € 50.00.

Check information on the official website before the trip.


To France

Girona Airport is connected with some cities in France.

You can specify route details on the of carriers official websites:


How to get to Girona Airport by train

Unfortunately, there is no direct railway connection with Girona airport. 

You can get to Girona city by railway and than use busses to get to the airport. 

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