Kungsträdgården metro station

Publish date: 26-02-2019
Kungsträdgården metro station

The Kungsträdgården metro station is the final station for lines 10 and 11. The station was opened on October 30, 1977.

The station is located at a depth of 29.3 meters below sea level and is the deepest station of Stockholm metro. The platform at the station is located at a depth of 34 meters from the ground.

It has been planned to extend the blue line further east to Södermalm and Nacka.

The artist Ulrik Samuelson designed the station, inspired by the palaces that previously existed in Kungsträdgården. The floor of the station is made of terrazzo (mosaic concrete). Between the platforms you can find a statue of the God of War, which was previously installed on the roof of knight's house. 

Unique flora and fauna

The Kungsträdgården metro station is the only place in Scandinavia where you can find the Lessertia dentichelis spider. The station spider lived on the walls since it was opened for use in the mid-1970s, but scientists do not know exactly how spider got there.

On the walls of the station grow moss. This moss was previously considered extinct in the Stockholm region.

Kungsträdgården station location

The station is located on the blue line of the Stockholm metro after the station T-centralen, the final one (but it is planned to continue this line).


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