Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge

Publish date: 31-03-2020
Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge

The Bridge of Sighs is a covered bridge at the St John's College at University of Cambridge. 

Bridge was built in 1831,  main architect is Henry Hutchinson. 

The bridge was named after the Bridge of Sighs, located in Venice. This bridge is one of the main tourist attractions of Cambridge. 

Bridge of Sighs location

Bridge is located in the courtyard of St John's College. There are two ways to see it: 

You can ride via boat through the channel under the bridge or buy a ticket to St. John's College (in the second case you also wouldn't be able to pass through the bridge, but you could admire it from the side).

There are several bridges with the same name, you can read about in separate articles:

Photos of the bridge of Sighs in Cambridge:


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