Newton's Apple Tree in Cambridge

Publish date: 01-04-2020
Newton's Apple Tree in Cambridge

According to legend, Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree and suddenly he was hit by an apple. He thought about  what forced apple to fall, and so Newton discovered the gravity law. 

There is a story for tourists that the tree in Cambridge is the same tree from the legend (or rather his descendant). In fact, it is not true. This myth was invented by fans of the original story. The tree in Cambridge is a grafted descendant of the original tree that grew in the house of  Isaac Newton mother in Woolsthrope, Lincolnshire. During a visit to his mother's garden Newton noticed how apple fell from the tree, and then began to study mechanism that set apple in motion.

However, Newton's Apple Tree in Cambridge is one of the popular attractions of this city. 

Tree location

Exact address: Porters Lodge, Trinity St, Cambridge CB2 1TQ, UK



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