International Slavery Museum in Liverpool

Publish date: 29-03-2020
International Slavery Museum in Liverpool

International Slavery Museum in Liverpool is a Museum, dedicated to the history and legacy of the slave trade. 

Museum is housed in a Maritime Museum, you can read more about the Maritime Museum in this article:


The Museum of slavery consists of three main galleries, which are devoted to the people lives in West Africa, their enslavement and fight for freedom. This museum also covers the topics of slavery, racism and discrimination in our days.

Slavery museum was opened on 23 August 2007, the international day of remembrance of slavery.

Opening hours and ticket prices

The Museum is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission is free 

Slavery museum location

Museum is located in the building of the Maritime Museum in Albert docks. 

Exact address: Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AQ, UK

Nearest public transport stop: Strand Street, buses: 4, 4A, LFC



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