London Millennium Footbridge

Publish date: 16-01-2019
London Millennium Footbridge

The London Millennium Footbridge is a pedestrian suspension bridge over the River Thames in London. Its second name is Millennium Bridge, since the construction of the bridge was conceived in honor of new millennium.

Bridge architect is Norman Foster. The total bridge length is 325 meters, width - 4 meters. Construction cost £ 18.2 million pounds.

Construction of the bridge began in 1998 and bridge was originally opened to the public in July 2000. Shortly after the opening, appeared one defect - the bridge was swaying, so londoners nicknamed the bridge “The Wobbly Bridge”. After identifying this problem, was decided to limit the maximum number of people who can be pass the bridge at the same time. This decision led to the large queues and as a result the bridge was closed for reconstruction. The bridge was reopened only in February 2002.

How to get to the Millennium bridge

The Millennium Bridge is located between the Southwark Bridge and the Blackfriars Railway Bridge.

On one side of the bridge is the St Paul's Cathedral, on the other - the Tate Modern Gallery.

The nearest metro stations are Blackfriars and Mansion House.

Buses: 388, "Millennium Bridge" stop.


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